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Why Parents Select an International School for Their Child

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Why Parents Select an International School for Their Child

In most global cities, parents now have extensive education choice including a range of international schools. Why parents select an international school in preference to the other options available to them, some of which are state funded, is the discussion of a new white paper published by ISC Research.

The white paper explains the shifts in demand for international schools over recent years, including the impact of COVID-19 on school selection. It also explores the motivations behind school choice, highlighting the results of qualitative research conducted with a range of international school admissions leaders in December 2020 to understand current patterns.

ISC Research states in the white paper that, according to its research, 66% of the admissions staff surveyed said that wellbeing support provided by a school is now considered a very important factor for many parents during their school selection.

Wellbeing is increasingly being recognised by many schools, with some international schools delivering outstanding wellbeing practice.

The impact of COVID-19 has raised awareness of strategic wellbeing provision in schools further to the point that, for more parents, it is now a stated requirement in school selection.

Another new demand by parents when considering schools is access to online learning. As the impact of COVID-19 has continued, parents have acknowledged the likelihood of repeated campus closures or isolation periods and are exploring the preparedness of this by potential schools. The white paper states that 84% of the admissions staff surveyed said their school’s online learning provision is either important or very important to prospective parents.

Other emerging questions from parents for international school admissions officers include health and safety provision, fee flexibility, and the contact time accessible between parents and their child’s teachers.

International school admissions staff and leaders may find the white paper insightful to understand how parents are currently researching international schools when physical tours and engagement may be limited. You can access a copy of the white paper here.

Anne Keeling

Communications Director | ISC Research

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