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Understanding MAP and how we can use data to empower learners and support growth

Aaron KaneElena Sentevska and Kristin Westby - The International School of Belgrade

You may not want to miss the #2020AssessmentSummit session hosted by Aaron, Elena and Kristin this Saturday at 1:00-2:00PM CET!

Elena Sentevska (Data for Learning Coordinator), Aaron Kane (Secondary Principal) and Kristin Westby (MYP Coordinator) are from the International School of Belgrade and they are each experienced educators in a range of international contexts. They work collaboratively on supporting our community to understand and be able to utilise multiple data sets to analyze student growth, plan learning experiences and empower students to take greater control in their learning. Their current focus area is supporting our community to better review and analyse MAP data and identify key next steps to support student growth.

The learning intentions for the attendees of their session are:

  • What? To ensure we have a shared Understanding of MAP and how we can use data to support growth and empower our learners.

  • Why? To ensure MAP is used effectively as one tool to capture progress and support growth across our school.

  • How? We will look at what MAP is, review the data produced from the MAP assessments and explore how we can use that data to empower learners and support growth.

Follow #MAP4growth #MAPLearningConversation #MAPempowerment #MAPData&Impact #MAPRemovingBarriers to learn more about these topics at Twitter.

Follow #2020AssessmentSummit to follow the ongoing conversation about the topics that are about to be discussed tomorrow.

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