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The Superpower of Collaboration

Almost overnight, online education and collaboration became a must. #CEESA and its online platform for global collaboration #CEESAgoViral are responding to the needs of teachers, school teams and students by redesigning teacher trainings, recreating teaching methods and providing guidelines to mindful living and self-care.

Students' voice

We're talking to students to find out what their highs and lows are with the experience of online learning. They are given an important task - to pinpoint elements they like most and would like to have it integrated in the learning in the future. More than anything else we might have learned from this experience, it is the power of students and their strength to cope with change. They are better than adults in it, they know the tech better than we do and they know the value of social contacts. The feedback they will provide will play an important role in the defining of future teaching practices.

Teachers' voice

#CEESAgoviral is an active member of global Professional Learning Network. Our #globalPLN helps us learn faster, gather successful practices and exchange knowledge fast, implementing it efficiently in the plans for CEESA learning in 2020/21. We're contacting schools from our region and inviting them to collaborate through #CEESAblogs in order to provide useful guidelines on one place, learn from one another and adopt the best solutions for our students.

New Concept of Teacher Trainings

CEESA team, school directors and CEESA social media team NoStress Marketing are creating a brand new set of formats for future teacher trainings. Our goal is to meet teachers' and students' needs in these challenging times as best as possible.

We are fully aware of the opportunity this challenge has provided - an opportunity to bring the learning closer to you, to make it more flexible and, most of all, to build collaborative learning community that stays connected throughout the year.

Let the new learning begin. Contact our CEESA Global Connections Manager Vlatka Butkovic if you want to share your ideas with CEESA community. Contact Iva Vego if you want to help others cope with the stress in these challenging times. Stay connected.

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