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Take Care

Let's talk more about the isolation we are all dealing with. There is a big difference if you are isolated alone, with your partner, or with kids. It may feel like your family is in one place and you are in another, yet everyone is sharing the same space. Every one of these circumstances provides different challenges. 

Our “fight or flight” instinct kicks in and we have to take control over it.

Get connected. Feeling a connection to others helps us improve our mental and physical health and keeps us safe from a high level of anxiety and potential depression. We have been isolated for a while now. You are not alone, though. Being lonely activates a mechanism in your brain that can make you more skeptical and distrustful, it can make you doubt in yourself and others. 

Ask yourself how much time you have dedicated to self-care. If ever, this is the time to take care of our mind and body. Usually, having some personal time to work on ourselves is the last thing on our minds. Sometimes, we even feel guilty about doing it. Get rid of those thoughts and take some time for yourself to help yourself. Keep in mind, by being better you are better and more useful to others.

Here are a few simple things you can try to take care of yourself: 

  • Keep a healthy sleep schedule, drink enough water, eat healthy  food

  • Take breaks from news, phones and computers

  • Connect with people – call, video call, text your friends, family, connect with your community

  • Make a schedule and keep it – make one with your family, too. Allow no distractions.

  • If your country allows it – get out of the house – take a walk, go for a run, sit on a park bench, just take in the fresh air

  • Think about right now – don’t dwell on the future. Breathing exercise with breaths in and out in 4 second rhythm is very helpful to keep you in the present.

  • Listen to music, watch movies, do puzzles... Do whatever you find relaxing and don’t feel guilty about doing nothing. 

  • Go online and find a course, exercise video, blog or anything that you have an interest in but never had the time for it.

  • It’s perfectly fine to say no to something and not to feel guilty about it

  • Try a new hobby or go back to an old one

Remember - by being alone, you are definitely not alone in this unique moment in history. Connect. 

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