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NWEA & IB Supporting: IB Programs through the Use of MAP Data

Dawn Summerfield & Lance Atchison


NWEA & IB Supporting: The Use of MAP Data
NWEA & IB Supporting: The Use of MAP Data

  • How can MAP data be used to support the assessment milestones identified at each stage of the IB Program?

  • What is the correlation between various MAP reports and IB assessment protocols?

  • How does student goal setting play a role in the IB classrooms?

Correlating the IB assessment protocols, ATLs and ATTs to the MAP data will help to focus the teaching practice and influence instructional decisions.


Dawn Summerfield has worked in education for 28 years and has expertise in school leadership, curriculum design and assessment, special education and differentiation through the use of data.   She has held leadership positions in both American schools and International IBO schools and has earned two advanced degrees in special education and health and wellness education.    Dawn is passionately committed to driving continuous school improvement in the standards of teaching and learning.  

She is a former Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) assessment user in her schools and her current focus is on improving student executive functioning skills, promoting school community health and wellness, mentoring new teachers and working with the NEASC accreditation process.

Lance Atchison transitioned to the education field 13 years ago with his arrival at NWEATM.  During his time with the organization, he has worked as an Implementation Support Specialist, Account Manager, and now Sr. Account Executive with an extensive focus on international schools, primarily in Eastern Europe and Asia.  Lance has presented at numerous international and national conferences on the use of MAP® data. Lance holds a BS in Integrated Marketing Communications from Abilene Christian University, Abilene, Texas.

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