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Managing Work-Life Balance?

Is there such a thing as work-life balance during COVID-19 pandemic? Maintaining a healthy work life balance was hard enough in our “normal” life. What has changed?

It seems impossible at times. One day you have your work clothes on and going to the office, and the next moment you find yourself in pajamas at home.

How do you joggle your work and that physical distance from your office? It is especially challenging during the pandemic where we experience new emotions and the uncertainty of the future. Finding the perfect balance with your work and home duties is more important than ever.

It’s a very individual process, one you have to create for yourself depending on your personal situation. Your work responsibilities, your home situation, your space determine the solution you’ll come up with. You can easily find yourself typing a work email during a family lunch, right?

Create the routine that will help you balance your hours. When you have a schedule and a routine it helps you focus on the task without the distractions. There is nothing as stimulating as the idea that once you will have finished, the next thing on your schedule is your time to relax. Make sure you plan the time to spend with your family or friends, with no work distractions. When you work, put on your work clothes, and after you are done, change. That can give you some sense of your “mode”. When the weekend comes, don’t check your work emails as often as you would during a work day. Spend a fun day outdoors, or - just have fun, wherever you are. Get connected with your surroundings.

Try timing yourself for a few days, to help you create a routine and schedule what works for you. Normally, you will have days when your schedule goes off, and spend the day working or not working at all. In this ever-changing situation it’s to be expected, but that doesn’t mean you should beat yourself up about it. Take a deep breath, think about how you can make it better and try again tomorrow.

It’s a learning process. But your family, friends, or pets will be happy to spend time with you undistracted. Stay connected with your tribe.

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