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IGPE Introduces Micro-Credentials

Looking for a way to highlight a specific area of professional development with your teachers?

Starting a new initiative on which you want your teachers to become experts?

Want to target a specific area of professional development within a degree program?

If so, micro-credentials are a great way to provide specialized content with flexibility and robust course sequences.

Students who have completed our micro-credentials rave about them:

Katie (grade 5 teacher)

I am currently taking a micro-credential in Creative Teaching and Learning. It's great because each class builds on the previous one so I really feel as though I am getting a thorough and detailed education about a topic that is so important to integrate into our schools, as well as design and implement lessons in the class that I can directly use immediately with my students.

Brittany (grade 4 teacher)

I am currently taking a Creativity micro-credential. It’s great because I have learned so many cool ways to integrate creativity into my lessons. Whether it be fun activities through Morning Meeting /Closing Circle, or through curriculum such as Reader´s Workshop, the Creativity micro-credential has enhanced my lessons and has helped show my students the many ways that they can be creative.

Maria (middle school teacher)

I decided to take the micro-credential so my classes could be more engaging for my students. I think that creativity skills should be taught and used by students so they can reach their full potential. It has been really interesting to notice that we all are creative in various ways. I loved learning about strategies to develop creative thinking such as PPCO and brainstorming.


Micro-credentials allow individuals and host schools to target a specific area of professional development such as educational leadership, technology, or special education. They allow students to learn more deeply about current educational practices, topics, and perspectives and allow professionals to build their career and personal paths.

Micro-credentials are 9 to 15 credit sequences that can be built into, and are stackable with, our master's degree program or can be offered as a stand alone option.

IGPE-facilitated micro-credentials verify, validate, and attest that specific skills and/or competencies have been achieved and are endorsed by SUNY Buffalo State departments and programs. Approved micro-credentials have been developed through established faculty governance processes to be meaningful in application and high quality in design and implementation.

IGPE prides itself on flexible and affordable professional development for international schools. IGPE is made up of a team of expert international education administrators and instructors who foster global collaboration, invite divergent perspectives, and celebrate diversity inside and outside the classroom.

If offering a micro-credential sounds like a good fit for your professional development needs, please reach out to our IGPE director, Brandon Kawa

More information can be found through this link.

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