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Exercise in Pandemic? It’s a NO for me.

Since COVID-19 has started I have read and read article after article how to keep your body and mind sane while locked at home. In every article in the top three of what you should do while at home is - exercise. We all know it’s good for you. If you didn’t have time to do it before, there’s no excuse now. I tried my best but I just can’t see myself doing it. Does that make me a reckless person?

The thing is, I get it that you could exercise your pain away. It’s all fun and games, but what if I didn't do it before? Does it mean just because I’m home now all day, every day, that I have to take up yoga or pilates?

Will that bring me the peace of mind I’ve been searching for?

For the people who did it before, I’m sure it is a wonderful reminder of how good it is for them. I know more than a few that have brought it up a notch. There’s a saying, "if you want to do something, you won’t find the time to do it, you make the time." They have obviously figured out how to make time. Again, what about people like me, the non-exercisers?

There are 15 minute videos to watch and exercise, do yoga for relaxation, even 15 minute dance routines, none of them really that time consuming. I’ve been struggling with starting, even though I’m sure it would help, it would develop building a new routine. But really, do I have to? Should I feel guilty that I’m just not that into it?

What I’ve learnt in these times, it doesn’t matter what the internet or anyone says you should do. You do whatever you want. Exercise, fine. You don’t like it - fine again. Don’t feel the pressure to do anything you wouldn’t find relaxing. We have been following all these rules for almost a year now, I just don’t feel like doing anything else that is not part of my nature. Here’s what I think: You do You!

Please share in the comments section: Do you exercise? Have you found something else to get you going? Do you just go for walks or sit at home and listen to music?

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