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Disruptive Classroom Technologies

It is my sincere hope that teachers, students, leaders, and whole education systems will become emancipated from errors of judgment and choice that lead to low-value technology use by applying a richer and more precise language to discuss it. - Dr. Sonny Magana

Tech may have been present in our classrooms for years now, but it is still debatable if the way we use it is an actual shift in teaching or just a shift in languages. This, according to Dr. Sonny Magana, is the Translational stage of educational technology use. It increases the speed at which a task is completed, it brings information within reach but it is far from using the full potential of technology.

Instead of merely translating from an analog to a digital modality, once we are given the framework of the technology use, new opportunities emerge, so independent in their growth that they, inevitably, take the learning out of our expected outcomes and surprise us with the new ones. This shift requires us teachers to change and learn to let go. It also requires us to teach our students about the responsibility for their individual learning processes.

Join #CEESAchat #disruptivetech Twitter chat happening today, March 10, 2020 @CEESAorg at 6PM CET. Dr. Sonny Magana has created 6 intriguing questions and is waiting for your comments. It is a slow chat, which means that you can go back to it for the entire week. This is your opportunity to find out from the author himself why his T3 Framework is, among other praises, called "...a brilliant breakthrough in our understanding and use of technology for learning." by Michael Fullan, Professor Emeritus OISE/ University of Toronto, Canada.

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