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Collaborative Learning: Providing Feedback & Assessment Practices

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Dr. Sanja Kisicek
Dr. Sanja Kisicek

Dr. Sanja Kisicek, - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Collaborative learning and providing feedback does not end with assessment practices, but grows into collegial relationships and critical friendships. 

Self- & Peer- assessment are skills for life! Congenial relationships and friendships grow into collegial relationships and critical friendships.

By fostering reciprocal mentorships among our learners, we are paving the way to their professional worlds, communities and future careers. By being committed educators who not only survive in the new circumstances, but thrive now and later on, when “things come back to normal”, we make the best out of teaching and learning today. Adapting to the “new normal”, by blending approaches, by adopting different strategies and by being flexible, we can make the new assessment practices sustainable in our classrooms, whether synchronous or asynchronous online, or face-to-face at school.

Collaborative learning goes above&beyond assessment, following our learners in their future professional worlds and careers.

We'll see how ed-tech has augmented teaching and learning. We'll examine protocols for looking at student work as tools for reflection and refinement. We'll look at some examples of formative and summative assessment practices that are applicable in virtual learning environments.


Dr. Sanja Kisicek is an international educator with 13+ years of experience in academia and K-12 education. She collaborated with progressive international schools and universities within the International Baccalauerate program. She performed the roles of an instructional coach and mentor for teaching faculty at the American International School Kuwait and as tech integrationist at the American International School of Zagreb. She is remotely teaching several classes within the Masters Program in Advanced Teaching at the University of the People, a new program conducted in cooperation with the IBO.

You may follow Sanja's work on LinkedIN:

Or Twitter @SanjaKisicek.

You may access info on her publications and workshops here:

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