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CEESA go Viral Has Opened Its Virtual Door

CEESA go Viral builds relationships globally
Do not underestimate the value of friendship that grows in virtual universe.

Every new student brings new challenges. New opportunities for learning for us, teachers, come hand in hand with the challenges we face. It is our students that push us to grow, offer more than we ever have. We build relationships with them on the firm foundation of mutual understanding of the fact that we have to embrace who they are and what they need.

Can we honestly say we know how they feel? There is so much expectation we have for them and yet so often we the ones who are reluctant to leave the comfort zone and meet with the unknown. It is time to open to the world and join the vibrant global online education community. There is so much to share, so much to learn. It's time to leave the walls of the classroom and set the example for our students.

The first rule of joining a community is to offer your knowledge and strengths to others selflessly.

CEESA go Viral makes sure to provide support for any educator that wants to connect. We have created a unique combination of three learning platforms:

  • Twitter Chats that will take place every month form September to May, 2nd Tuesday in a month. The chats will use a unique hashtag #CEESAchat

  • Zoom video Conferences with a chat room where attendees can share ideas with panelists and other attendees. The conferences will be hosted by the distinguished educators from around the world joined by invited panelists. An endless number of attendees can watch a #CEESAtalk and even join by "raising a hand". All the talks will be recorded and published on CEESAtv YouTube.

  • Blog page as an open source where educators can post ideas, proudly present their students' successful projects and invite others to collaborate. If you want to be our writer, join as Member and you will be assigned the role of a Writer. From then on you will be able to post on the live Blog page just by logging in. Your posts will be promoted on CEESA social media networks.


The buzz in the halls of CEESA annual conferences is a well known fact. It makes us proud that not only learning is happening but relationships are built in those halls. It is about time we never again experience the deafening silence after the last session - the talks will continue throughout the year in our CEESA go Viral community.

Welcome, we hope to see you soon!

Yours truly,

Vlatka Butkovic,

CEESA Global Connections Manager and your go-to person when you need assistance in joining us on this journey.

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