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Assessment Fundamentals for 21st Century Competencies

Keynote by Tom Schimmer at 2020 CEESA Assessment Summit

In this two part session, Tom will highlight the important assessment fundamentals that ensure the accurate assessment of the critical 21 century competencies. In part 1, Tom will demonstrate how and why six important assessment tenets remain essential despite the ongoing shift toward 21st century skills. Specifically, the topics of assessment design, valid and reliable interpretation of results, performance assessment, and establishment of success criteria will be discussed. In part 2, Tom will connect the assessment tenets to the competencies, specifically the 4Cs of critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication. Through both foundational ideas and examples, Tom will make it clear to participants that sound assessment practices are the key to creating a 21st century learning experience.

To follow Tom's work, visit his podcasts website or connect with him via Twitter @TomSchimmer.

Tom Schimmer is an education author, speaker, and consultant from Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada). He is recognized as a leader and expert in the areas of classroom assessment, sound grading practices, educational leadership, and RTI.

Tom is the author/co-author of six Books (See his website for links):

  • Schimmer, T. (2011). Ten Things that Matter from Assessment to GradingDon Mills, ON: Pearson Canada.

  • Schimmer, T. (2013). Ten Things that Matter from Assessment to Grading (US edition)Portland, OR: Pearson ATI.

  • Schimmer, T. (2016). Grading from the inside out: Bringing accuracy to student assessment through a standards-based mindset. Bloomington, IN: Solution Tree Press.

  • Erkens, C., Schimmer, T., & Vagle N. (2017). Essential assessment: Six tenets for bringing hope, efficacy, and achievement to the classroom. Bloomington, IN. Solution Tree Press.

  • Erkens, C., Schimmer, T., & Vagle N. (2017). Instructional Agility: Responding to assessment with real-time decisions. Bloomington, IN. Solution Tree Press.

  • Schimmer, T., & Hillman, G., & Stalets, M. (2018). Standards-based learning in action: Moving from theory to practice. Bloomington, IN. Solution Tree Press.

Enjoy Tom's sessions today. In case you cannot attend our live event, no worries - the videos are recorded. In case you want to see them and your school is a CEESA member, contact CEESAteam.

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