February 11, 2020 

6 -7 PM CET


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Kathleen has prepared the following questions for you to discuss with your school teams and students:

  • How truly inclusive is your school beyond nationalities? 

  • Is it possible to create learning plans for all learners in your community?

  • Is your school still stuck with the standardisation of learning? Can we use neuroscience to justify what actually works?

Host: Kathleen Naglee

Kathleen Naglee is currently the Head of School and CEO at the International School of Helsinki and serves as an educational consultant, executive coach and keynote speaker.

Kathleen is passionate about promoting leadership, diversity, sustainability and well-being. She is an active speaker in the local and global community. Recently she has been leading conferences on the future of learning and the neuroscience of emotion. She currently serves as a Commissioner for the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and as Chair of the Board of Directors of the US State Department organization, CEESA.  

Kathleen looks for ways to empower others to enact change in their lives and communities. She holds an annual leadership retreat. Her transformational process leads individuals to identify and articulate their educational vision in a way that others will hear.

Meet the Panelists

Tricia Friedman has been working in schools since 2000. She's been a Service Learning Coordinator, a Literature teacher, as well as an Instructional Coach. Tricia has also served as a Youth Development Volunteer in the United States Peace Corps. She loves exploring the connection between digital literacy and advocacy. I'm an avid reader and podcaster, and I think all learners benefit from documenting their learning and engaging with a global community. Currently, she is a  project director with Eduro Learning.  She loves exploring and curating conversations between educators that directly lead to change in the classroom, and in the broader 'culture of learning.'  She authors the Be a Better Ally newsletter and podcast to continue the dialogue about what an LGBTQ+ inclusive school might be. Tricia lives with her wife in beautiful British Columbia.

Amy Leino believes that high quality education is a human right for all learners. She is passionate about collaborating with individual students, fellow educators and parents to uncover successful pathways for learning. Originally from Washington State, she holds a masters degree in inclusive education. She currently serves as the Individualized Learning Coordinator at the International School of Helsinki (ISH). During her 19 years at ISH, she has led the school to become a model in personalized instruction for a wide range of learners. She is eager to further develop ways to unlock every student’s learning potential..

Kadri Tuisk is the founder and CEO of Clanbeat  - a personal growth and individual learning planning support tool for International Schools helping students to discover their true passions, achieve their goals and shape their own future. Her mission with Clanbeat is to help students to be self-aware individuals with strong self-management skills so that they can reach their true potential. 



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