December 10, 2019 

4 -5 PM CET


#CEESAchat in December is hosted by none other but Myron Dueck, one of the stars of CEESA annual conferences in Prague and Warsaw. Join the chat, follow Myron's questions, learn and share your own journey with others.

To join the #CEESAchat, go to @CEESAorg twitter page at the time of the event or just search #CEESAchat and #desirabledifficulties hashtags.

This is a slow chat, you can join any time and share your answers with the global CEESA community.

Host: Myron Dueck

Over the past 22 years, Myron has worked as an educator in both Canada and New Zealand in subjects ranging from grades 4 to 12.  In 2006 Myron began to develop a number of grading, assessment and reporting systems which gave students a greater opportunity to show what they understand and play a significant role in the reporting of their learning. 


Myron has also been a part of district groups, school committees and governmental bodies that have further broadened his access to innovative ideas. Through sharing his stories, tools and first-hand experiences with public, charter and international school educators around the world, Myron’s presentations have diverged to include global education trends and broader socio-economic realities that impact learning.


Myron has twice been published in EL Magazine. His best-selling book, Grading Smarter, Not Harder– Assessment Strategies that Motivate Kids and Help Them Learn was released by ASCD in July 2014 and in 2015 ASCD released a video project based in his own school district entitled ‘Smarter Assessment in the Secondary Classroom’. His most recent project, ‘Ask Them’, is a three-part streaming series available at Myron and his family currently live in British Columbia where he is SD67 District Vice-Principal for Communicating Student Learning.

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Dear Participants...

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