January 18, 2019 

4-5 PM CET

January 21, 2019 

6-7 PM CET


January 2020 is dedicated to learning about ADHD through the collaborative work of #CEESA and #CEduAD communities.
The topic was proposed by Nicole Biscotti, a mother of a child diagnosed with ADHD and a teacher determined to connect and learn about this topic globally. 

Learn and contribut to the topic by participating at the following events:

#CEMM - Zoom talk & chat

#CEMM (Connected Educators Monthly Meetup) Zoom talk and chat took place on January 18th at 4PM CET. The session was recorded and is already published on CEduAD YouTube channel. The event is supported by a Twitter chat that is still going on. In order to join it, go to @ConEduAD twitter page or just search #CEESAchat #CEMM and #ADHD hashtags. We encourage you to leave comments, useful links and resources about the topic. Our goal is to gather as much information about it and learn together through global collaboration.

#CEESAgoviral - chat

In order to participate in #CEESAgoviral chat on January 21st, go to @CEESAorg twitter page at the time of the event or just search #CEESAgoviral #CEMM and #ADHD hashtags.


You can join this slow chat any time, share your own questions or answers with the global edu community and contribute.

Join the chat, follow Nicole's questions, learn and share your own journey with others.

Host: Nicole Biscotti

#CEESAgoviral is collaborating with CEduAD platform to gather as much information about ADHD as possible. We invite you to join the following events:

#CEMM - Connected Educators Monthly Meetup

organised by CEduAD

format:Zoom talk & Twitter Chat

hosted by: Nicole Biscotti

date: Saturday, January 18, 2020 at 5PM CET 



organised by #CEESAgoviral

format: Twitter Chat

hosted by: Nicole Biscotti

date: Tuesday, January 21, 2020 at 6PM CET


Visit our Blog and post about ADHD


Contact us if you want to share resources about this topic

"There are many well-intentioned adults who care deeply but don’t know how to help children with ADHD.  When I question continuing with this project, I think of the anguish and stress that parents and teachers are feeling. I believe that Jason and I have learned from our journey and can bridge understanding between children, parents, and teachers. This is WHY I am writing Growing up With ADHD with my son Jason."

- Nicole Biscotti

Dear Participants...

The questions that will be tweeted approximately every 10 minutes during the session @CEESAorg twitter profile.


Use hashtags #CEESAchat and #ADHD to trace the chat and add your thoughts on this burning topic. Retweet the question you are answering to and add comment starting with A1, etc.


Twitter chat is not limited to an hour but can go on for as long as you like.

Neither #CEESAtalk nor #CEESAchat are limited to CEESA members only. This is an open source, designed to connect and collaborate globally.

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