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A Vision of Learning With No Boundaries

CEESA leads educational transformation through collaboration. With the goal to collaborate continuously throughout the year, as well as to help educators from distant schools to connect and learn from one another, CEESA has created an online platform in 2019: #CEESAgoViral.

Almost overnight, online education and collaboration became a must. CEESA and #CEESAgoViral stepped into the new stage of collaboration within the region: #CEESAconnects. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been responding to the needs of teachers, school teams and students by redesigning teacher trainings, recreating teaching methods and providing guidelines to mindful living and self-care.  

Don't hesitate to become an active member of our #CEESAconnects community: become a CEESA blogger, attend and actively participate in online webinars, or join conversations on the CEESA Forum.

Contact us if you need a go-to virtual place for your project or if you need advice about how to get connected, stay connected and collaborate in the most efficient way.




Video Conference
#CEESAconnects -virtual events

The Power of Students' Voice

Including Students' voice is being brought to a new level in the year of blended learning, social distancing and parents' involvement greater than ever.

#CEESAconnects schools with similar initiatives and helps them collaborate, learn from one another and get ready for the needs of our students.

These pages and Forums are open only to the Members who are in CEESA listersvs and are collaborating within a specific group.

If you want to join the collaboration, please contact Vlatka Butkovic, CEESA Global Connections Manager. 


Exceeding Your Expectations


A brand new concept developed for events combines on-site and online audience. Its dynamic structure is backed by the adapted teaching methods and support from our team before, during and after the event. CEESAtalks are recorded and can be published on CEESAtv YouTube Channel.



Panel includes every member of the event as an active participant through video and chat. Panels are recorded and shared with the participants after the event. We make sure you don't miss a thing.

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Webinar provides two levels of participating in an event: you can be a panelist and engage in the discussion or an attendee and engage in the chat with other attendees and panelists. Webinars are recorded and can be published on CEESAtv YouTube Channel.


Contribute by sharing your stories on the Blog page, an open source with the content frequently shared through our social networks. It's easy to become our Writer...

Legal Research and Writing
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Have a comfortable learning experience, attend a session with the presenter, receive all the additional resources, ask questions and continue the learning after at your own pace.



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