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A Vision of Learning With No Boundaries

With the goal to collaborate continuously and independently throughout the year, as well as to help educators from distant schools to connect and learn from one another, CEESA has created an online platform: #CEESAconnects.

#CEESAconnects has been responding to the needs of teachers, school teams and students by providing this virtual space in which an exchange of successful practices and information can be easily exchanged by the teachers, school teams and CEESA partners, as well as by providing instructions on how to do it in the easiest and most efficient way. We observe your needs and adapt, we change with you for you.


Don't hesitate to become an active member of our #CEESAconnects community: become a CEESA blogger, attend and actively participate in online #CEESApanels. Contact us if you need a go-to virtual place for your project or if you need advice about how to get connected, stay connected and collaborate in the most efficient way.

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#CEESAconnects in Year 2022/23


A book a month about education picked for you, read and reviewed, with links to further explore the topic. Book reviews are published on CEESAblog under the Category #Bookclub.

#CEESAbookclub meets virtually once per semester.

Teachers 4 Teachers 

#CEESApanel hosted by an active group of educators within CEESA, with the goal to share their project, its challenges, success and further steps.

Student Bloggers

A workshop per semester for students who want to learn how to blog: writing, editing, illustrating, taging and posting their work on #CEESAconnects Blog. 

#StudentBloggers can publish their blog posts on #CEESAconnects blog after the workshop.

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Need help with #CEESAblog?

Contact Vlatka Butkovic, CEESA Global Connections Manager.

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